Criteria for Inclusion in the Editorial Board of Pakistan Journal of Physiology

A performance-based induction and promotion criteria for members of the editorial board has been developed as under:
1. It is a voluntary work which demands that the applicant should be zealous for medical writing/editing.
2. The applicant should be cognizant of the fact that medical journalism is a very time-consuming task and he/she should be able to spare time for this additional responsibility.
3. The applicant should be well conversant with IT and should be proficient in using MS Word and internet.
4. Should have basic knowledge of research methodology and biostatistics.
5. Should be well versed with editorial processing.
6. Should have at least 10 articles as first or corresponding author on his/her credit.
7. The applicant will submit his/her CV to the Chief Editor Pakistan Journal of Physiology at The decision about inclusion or otherwise be made in editorial board meeting.

After inclusion in the editorial board:
1. The member should do complete editorial reviewing of at least 10 articles in a year.
2. The member should write at least one editorial for Pakistan Journal of Physiology in a year.
3. The member should attend at least one editorial board meeting in a year.
4. The duration of membership will be one year (4 issues of a volume), renewable by editorial board on merit and performance of the member.