• Fozia Bibi Department of Forensic Medicine, CMH Kharian Medical College, Kharian Cantt., Pakistan
  • Usman Shahid Butt KMSMC
  • Zobia Zain Department of Forensic Medicine, Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Anwar Ahmed Department of Forensic Medicine, Fazaia Medical College, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Uzma Zaheen Department of Forensic Medicine, Central Park Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Asghar Khattak, M. Department of Forensic Medicine, Kabir Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan



stature, head length, correlation, estimation, male adults, forensic, Punjab


Background: In the field of forensic medicine, stature estimation in unknown skeletonized bodies is one of the most significant biological parameters. It is done many times when highly mutilated or decomposed bodies or fragmentary remains of skull are brought for forensic examination. The objective of this study was to correlate stature with maximum head length in male adults of 21–30 years in Upper Punjab. This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of correlation as a tool to predict relationship of stature from maximum length of head. Methods: This was a cross-sectional, quantitative study. Data was collected from the 382 males of Kharian City in Upper Punjab selected with non-probability, purposive sampling. Head measurements were taken using blunt ended spreading callipers and the stature of individual was measured standing erect in anatomical position using a stadiometer. SPSS-25 software was used for data analysis. Results: The mean stature was 170.4±6.85 Cm. Mean head length was 16.95±0.6 Cm. Prediction accuracy tests were performed which indicated that regression models of this study can estimate the height with accuracy. Conclusion: This study established a correlation between stature and maximum head length. It will help the forensic experts to estimate stature from measuring head length, especially when only head is available as a result of some natural or human caused calamity.

Pak J Physiol 2023;19(3):27–30


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