• Jamila Farid Associate Professor Pathology, Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
  • Muhammad Idris Associate Professor Pathology, Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
  • Mumtaz Ahmad Khan Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences Muzaffarabad
  • Nasreen Gul Assistant professor Pathology, Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
  • Shazia Moeen Senior Lecturer Pathology, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad
  • Shabana Bashir Department of Pathology, AJK Medical College, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
Keywords: Pseudothrombocytopenia, thrombocytopenia, complete blood counts, platelets, EDTA, Citrate, Platelet aggregation


Background: Pseudothrobocytopenia (PTCP) is the name given to spuriously low platelets count given by automated haematology analyser in an otherwise normal and asymptomatic patient having normal platelets count. This may lead to unnecessary investigations and anxiety. The present study was planned to know the frequency of this condition. Methods: This cross-sectional, quantitative analytical study was conducted at a tertiary health care facility (Department of Pathology Ayub Medical College Abbottabad) in collaboration with a private sector reference laboratory and research centre for blood diseases (Abbott Clinical Laboratory) over a period of three years. Citrated blood samples of all the participants with low platelet count on CBC (EDTA blood), examination of their Giemsa stained blood film along with a detailed history and complete physical examination. Results: As much as 30/15,000 participants had PTCP on initial testing, with a frequency of 0.2%, comprising 14 males and 16 females with male to female ratio 0.875:1. Ten (10) patients had mild, 14 had moderate, and 6 had severe PTCP which was corrected with citrate in 96.66% patients initially. Conclusion: Frequency of PTCP was 0.2%, affecting all the age groups with female predominance and the differences between testing on EDTA and citrate was statistically significant (p<0.05), signifying the role of citrate in correcting it.

Author Biography

Shabana Bashir, Department of Pathology, AJK Medical College, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

Department of Pathology, AJK Medical College, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan


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