• Tehseen Iqbal DG Khan Medical College, Dera Ghazi Khan
Keywords: Communication skill, Writing Skill, Essay questions, Medical Writing, Assessment, Medical Education, Examination, Evaluation


Medical students are required to communicate knowledge, understanding, interpretation, inferences, arguments, deductions and predictions by the appropriate use of clear and concise written English. The doctor who knows English is better aware of current trends in medicine, can get or continue medical education abroad, can participate in medical conferences abroad, and can work in a team with foreign specialists. English allows the doctor to have an appointment with foreign patients in clinics. Academic writing is extensively acknowledged as a key skill for students to boost their educational performance at higher education level. Assessment through essay write-up answers should be encouraged as guessing by students is eliminated in essay examination. There is no option to select from the given possible choices and they have to provide the answer rather than selecting/ticking the good response.

Pak J Physiol 2021;17(2):1–2


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