Teachers’ perception about bedside teaching in public sector institutions of Lahore

  • Sajid Hussain Department of Surgery, Allama Iqbal Memorial Teaching Hospital, Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Sadia Zaheer Department of Medical Education, Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College, Sialkot, Pakistan
Keywords: bedside teaching, medical education, professionalism


Background: The need for bedside teaching is very much documented in the literature providing extraordinary opportunity for modelling of professionalism. Objectives of this study were to explore the teachers’ perceptions and issues, and recommend solutions to promote bedside teaching. Methods: The descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out in four public sector medical colleges located in the city of Lahore Pakistan from March to September 2018. The study included 116 teachers, 29 from each institution. Results: Average age of participants was 47.5 years, with male preponderance. Strong agreement on cordial relationship, motivation, professional behaviour, communication barriers because of time constraint, lack of awareness, and disagreement on noisy environment were found. Conclusion: Bedside teaching is a unique valuable, traditional, clinical instructional tool with remarkable benefits, yet being underutilised due to certain challenges which need to be addressed in order to revive this lost and dying art.

Pak J Physiol 2020;16(2):45−7


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