Role of stress, emotional intelligence and resilience in well-being of staff nurses

  • Rana Muneer RIPHAH International University
  • Sana Majeed RIPHAH International university
Keywords: Stress, Emotional Intellegence, Resilience, Well-being, Staff Nurse, Pakistan


Background: Nurses constitute the biggest group of healthcare specialists and also have an intriguing position in healthcare system. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship among Stress, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Well-being of Staff Nurses. Methods: Data was collected from different private and government hospitals of Lahore and Islamabad within the time frame of three months (Dec 2018 to Feb 2019). Through Non-probability purposive sampling, sample of 200 was recruited. Sample size was devised through G-power analysis. Urdu translations of The Nurse Stress Index (NSI), Schutte Emotional Intelligence Scale (SEIS), Connor-Davidson, Resilience Scale (CD- RISC), BBC Well-Being Scale were used as tools to collect data. Data analysis was done with SPSS-21. Pearson Product Moment Correlation was used to find correlation between variables while Linear Regression Analysis was used to predict patterns of these conducted variables. Results: Significant positive correlation between emotional intelligence and well-being [r(200)=0.499**, p<0.01] and also between resilience and well-being [r(200)=0.499**, p<0.01] and a significant negative correlation between stress and well-being [r(200)= -0.253**, p<0.01] was found among staff nurses. Results also indicated that the predictors (Stress, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience) account for 34% of variance in outcome variable (Well-Being). Conclusion: The analysis of present study indicated significant correlations between variables. Study findings also revealed that demographic variables such as age, years of experience and hospital type are significantly related with the study variables.

Pak J Physiol 2020;16(1):41−3


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