Importance of malondialdehyde and superoxide dismutase levels: antioxidant role of walnut

  • Roomisa Anis Biochemistry Department, Al Nafees Medical College, Isra University, Islamabad
  • Sadaf Jafar Islamabad Medical & Dental College
  • Naveeda Zagham Al Nafees Medical College, Isra University, Islamabad
  • Beenish Beenish Al Nafees Medical College, Isra University, Islamabad.
  • Naureen Waseem Anatomy Department, Islam Medical College, Sialkot, Pakistan
  • Qurat-ul-Ain Zia Islamabad Medical & Dental College, Islamabad.
Keywords: Lead, Oxidative stress, Walnuts, Malondialdehyde, Superoxide dismutase


Background: Oxidative stress is proposed molecular mechanism in lead toxicity. Antioxidant rich plants protects against toxicity of heavy metals by neutralizing free radicals. Walnuts have proven antioxidant activity. Objective of this study was to investigate protective effect of walnuts on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activity by measuring oxidative profile in mice. Methods: This experimental study was carried out from 6th Oct to 15th Dec 2018 at Biochemistry Department, Al-Nafees Medical College Islamabad, in collaboration with National Institute of Health. Sixty BLAB/C mice were divided into three equal groups. Group I was fed on standard diet, Group II was given lead acetate 30 mg/Kg in drinking water along with normal diet. Group III was given lead acetate along with diet and walnut supplementation was given as 111 gm/Kg of the diet. Malondialdehyde (MDA) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) were measured in mice blood. Data were analyzed using SPSS-20. Results: Lead caused an increase in MDA levels whereas activity of SOD was significantly decreased. Supplementation of walnut along with lead showed decrease in MDA in group III compared to group II (p≤0.001), although not to MDA level of control group. Activity of SOD was increased in group III (p≤0.001) as compared to control group and group II. Conclusion: Antioxidants in walnuts decrease lead induced lipid peroxidation and improves antioxidant defence system by increasing activity of superoxide dismutase.

Pak J Physiol 2019;15(4):11−3


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Anis R, Jafar S, Zagham N, Beenish B, Waseem N, Zia Q- ul-A. Importance of malondialdehyde and superoxide dismutase levels: antioxidant role of walnut. PJP [Internet]. 29Dec.2019 [cited 20Oct.2021];15(4):11-3. Available from: